6/21/13: Peralta Shuts Down Braves' Bats

Rumors and Braves at Miller, Park Willie Penalty, looking for his first home, win since May, seventh nor Loki back with the team after the birth of his second child to the fifth inning it's, a one nothing Milwaukee lead, but Penalty in a bit of a jam first. And third, one out Julio Tehran, the Braves' pitcher at the plate BJ Upton's on third, showing bunt it's a good one here comes up then and they're going to get a man. They did will Penalty charging off the mound to pick up that one attempt by Tyrone. Peralta Tosca, Maldonado, any blocked home plate and got him courtesy of WTMJ so Penalty helping himself out Barry. Next batter, it's, his defense, helping him, Anderton Simmons into right, but I one with a sliding catch the proud.

Papa ends the inning with some fancy glove work bottom, five still one. Nothing, Brewers, Jean, Segura leading off cigar to left and deep get up get our God it's. Number 11, poor sick around and the Brewers now lead who cannot lay courtesy of WTMJ and Penalty with a two nothing lead. Pitching very well with the advantage top of the seventh, he strikes out BJ Upton, two batters later, there's a runner on first, the Chris Johnson into the 6, 4 3 double play to end the inning that was it for Penalty. He gave up just two hits and struck out four leaving in line for the win to the 8th Francisco Rodriguez pitching it Simmons up.

He bounces one up the middle, but Segura ranging to his left and a strong throw across to get Simmons. Another hit taken away from Anderton Simmons to the ninth-. Inning raised with the tying runs on base. Jim Henderson has to bear down against Dan UCLA. And he does just that UCLA flies out to center field Carlos Gomez squeezes. And the Brewers take it to nothing Penalty wins.

His fifth of the Erie tied a season-high when seven innings of work, it's Henderson's 10th, save of the season I one, went three for four and scored a run in his return. The Braves now lost four or five. They were shut out for the 10th time this year.