8 Crazy Saliva / Spit Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Welcome to what viral now in today's video, we have eight crazy things. You didn't know about saliva. Number eight, Gila monster, spit reduces food cravings. The human monster is feared for its dangerous fire. This scaly guys saliva might end. Food addiction.

Forever research discovered Gila monster, spit is full of a compound called exit im4 and like a drug. Excellent for effects. The rewards and motivation regions of our brains. Basically it satisfies food cravings without any actual food number seven spit. Increases sex drive kissing releases dopamine and serotonin, which play roles in staring up passion.

Men, prefer, wetter kisses because their saliva contains trace amounts of testosterone. Number six cell phones make you slobber, according to researchers people who spend a lot of time on their cell phones drool more than people who don't heavy cell phone users were generating 26% more spit in their cheeks, where they place their cell phones than the control group counterparts. Number five saliva. Contains natural painkillers, your mouth is a weird place. Not only is it home to possible 72 varieties of bacteria.

It also produces one of the most powerful painkillers known to man, a painkiller that is six times more powerful than morphine. Number four saliva can reveal your age, the DNA and our saliva changes over time. Essentially, as we get older, the saliva changes the way our genes express themselves. Number three vampire bat saliva might help treat strokes vampire bat saliva is full of an enzyme.

Called DSP a whenever one of these bats feeds on an unsuspecting victim, DSP, a keeps the blood from clotting, allowing the vampire bat to gorge to its heart's content while DSP a might sound gross scientists think it can actually be used to help stroke patient. Number two, parents have super spit. This is gross unless you're the parent and then I kind of the researchers believe when parents orally clean pacifiers they're, transferring some of their own harmless bacteria into the baby's mouth. And. Number one, there is an illegal saliva trade. Tuberculosis is a major problem in South Africa, half a million people are diagnosed every year. And the government offers a monthly disability grant to help TB patients get by with so few opportunities available.

Some desperate folks decide to scam the government hoping to cash in on other medical grants healthy people turned into spit, dealers tuberculosis is so rampant in South Africa that their spit dealers are everywhere after all. They are carrying. Their labs around in their mouths. So that was eight crazy things.

You might not have known about your own spit. Thanks for checking out this video, yeah,