[13+] What Is Happening... || GameheroReacts || Error!NEKO Chara ~ S A N S-C U L T

But yeah, this is happening. You guys. Remember yesterday. I uh, I said that I was in a discord server with frisk.

Well, wealth of risks. That's river has a lot of frisquestrosities friends, including this one error nekokara decided to like for those of like for those who are in the server and have a YouTube channel. I've decided to go and watch like I've chosen to go and watch one video from each of their channels and like kind of just pick out a random one that I thought would be interesting. I saw the. Title of this video and the thumbnail and clicking on it.

This is the first thing we're greeted with five sentences in front of a frisk, sounds exciting. So yeah, I'm just going to jump into this I'm, not even going to bother trying to understand what's happening. Oh, oh, wait a second. This is Roblox.

Well, hello. Please you their frisk. I suggest you run this isn't saying, there's, no police here, it's up papyrus for a second there. My goodness, what is happening pavers, please help what is happening doesn't seem.

To be much dialogue like there's, the visual dialogue, but no spoken dialogue. And I was hoping Friday some sort of commentary. Oh, I just heard about them sans meeting right here.

Why did I hear melatonin? I don't hear megaton's back theme in the background, better time get out of here. So what is happening here? What is going on?

This is yeah, I think that's just a weird thing. So what happens when you mix a red and blue together? You just get a solid line of purple not to face this didn't happen before, oh, Yeah, there we go that fixes it kind of I'm saying, it's, 999., oh, my gosh. What is happening? Well, I just will finally be tall. What phone 506. You're going to be tall?

How would you be able to be taught? I guess that would explain it use this old jump on each other's, heads, that's, how you get to be tall it's in the ceiling. Now, oh papyrus just turned the dust. Why? Phone one two? Three, four, five, bruh, no papayas. So I said we need this.

This is just going to be ten minutes of random crap with a bunch of senses that. All this is going to be we want calcium, no don't, kill pap. You Pablo you're, not the real sans. Then the real sans would protect papyrus with his life.

Then I get there. You require calcium now. Oh, hi flora, that's it rather than flora eat the flower eat it.

Do it? I am he is eatable, eat the flour eat the vegetable. Do it? Does it eat the flour? Do it? What is wrong with me? Oh, hi bud.

What is even happening right now? Are there more stanzas? Or is it just me? I feel like there's more Kansas. Now, did someone any rim. Shots there are only shots , oh, my gosh, it's been a long day, I'm tired, but it's not going to stop me from reacting to videos. You know, it's not going to stop me from recording anything there are a lot of things in there as well as frisk.

Another scene is just joined. And apparently was in there as well flowers in the sink probably wrong about this. But I feel like there are just more and more stances coming in like what is happening. What is the chaos that is happening right now? All right? Then I. Love frisk size were red for a second there, alrighty, then that's that video, I don't know what happened, but it happened.

Well, uh. I uh, bye.