Hi thought, ease and welcome back to my craziest channel. How is you all doing today? I hope, you're doing absolutely amazing today, we're back playing IMU, and we're going to be having some fun live in some just launched for desktop and I on view, which means I get to talk to hundreds of you guys all at the same time.

You know how I envy you normally allows ten people to be in a room at once well. Now you can literally have hundreds of people at the same time, which means more partying more fun and more. Thought, , , as you can see I'm on the new IMU desktop, which is now available on both Mac and Windows. So if you want to hop on and play I envy you in a brand new sleek way, while also being able to join and host you're on live rooms, throw parties and have a great time. It'll be linked in the description, playing I in view in a bigger and better way. And a let's get started.

So today we're going to be traveling around on IMU. So you know, we come across, and I'm trying to find me a man. Okay, I've. Been single for long enough, I need like a little one a boo like I don't want it to be a whole thing, a whole other wedding we're, just no we're, not doing that again, I just want a boo for the day. This video was awesome in collaboration with I envy you.

So, thank you so much to them again for putting up with my crazy self. And if you guys want to start your own live room that I can pop into and have some fun in be sure to become a host today and start the party. Okay, so here we are, and I'm view. Look.

How cute I look, oh, my god. So when you want to join a live room, you're, just going to go ahead and click on start chatting over here. And then this brings up the chat room section. Well, when you scroll down, you see a bunch of live rooms that you can join.

So let me expand this and ha, where should we go? First, this one says, lick, and I'm, trying to have fun I'm trying to have a good party. So let's join it I joined the room. And someone said, it's called kinky she's, giving him a lap, dance, I feel.

Like I'm, third, wheeling over here. Damn she is thick. Oh, my god, there's. A lot going on this has a tail. This dude is talking about kinky. Okay. Let me just talk and be like, hey, guys, what's.

So kinky, please tell me because of the with the tail isn't enough, I, don't know, what is? Oh, my guess the laugh dance is over. She just said, okay, buy her shirt, says, Netflix and daddies, so I'm, assuming she just skips the chill part. Oh, my God.

Look at that aggressive twerking in the back I love these girls, yes. Work it she's twerking - damn I. Wish I could throw dollars through the screen. You look so good, you know, we're all in quarantine, I'm missing the strip club. I just gotta throw dollars at her. Okay?

Well, I think that was lip, but they just didn't want to involve me in their party. Maybe because I couldn't put my avatar down, maybe because the girls were scared of me, I'm just too thick. They can't handle it. Let me click on trashy because that's my moods 24/7, I'm, the trashy thought, I'm a trashy thought. Someone said, I need a boy it's me sue, the , oh, this is cool. Okay, uh. Hey, guys, you get what you get, and I get some love and affection.

Please, sorry. But they don't have a category for that on Pornhub. This party sucks. Oh my gosh. She has this hair, too and there's, a crab on the ground, what the , hey, miss Lyman.

Okay, you all got a crab infestation. What the clean up the trash. Oh, wait. This place is literally called trashy. Why is there bugs all over go away? Wait is she's talking about. Killing me or the bug, .

If you try to stomp on me, I will respectfully slap your ass back awesome, who said, she loves me, I, love you so cute, , Oh, fine. Okay, who's the finest in this room, I mean, he's covering his face, but he's fine he's cute. He has a lot of hos around him, though like look the whole room was just all over him he's sitting in the corner being antisocial saying, no touchy , sir, you are sitting on a tire on there's.

So many supporters in here and so gay. This is. Why I love live rooms because I could just talk to you all talk, , yeah, smashes it with the broom. Oh, my . God. She needs to hit it again, because, .

It is crawling all over the place, I feel like I've to take a shower after being in this room. Okay, that room was a little much let's. See what else is happening singles hang out. I mean, I am single I just say that this doesn't look very inviting and romantic.

You know, like if I was going to an actual singles room, I wouldn't want a dead . Jack-O'-Lantern they're, waiting for me, that's just not my thing. But let's see here if she's the stranger, things have the , you have butterflies all over Millie, Bobby, Brown, , please save us. Oh, wait a second, oh, my thigh, I press the button.

And now look I'm. Visible. I can go sit with the .

They can see me, oops, I, don't mean to click on this. But look I can sit right here. Someone said, I, got you uncheck with your ass. The girls are fighting.

Let me scope around and figure out whose. The weakest in the room, hmm, oh, my god. Well, I mean, I figured out who the thickest in the room is that just how you say is this a mating call I'm going to go do some illegal , wow, what a great place to announce that on the Internet? Oh, who want to join wait a second, what kind of illegal stuff like how much money? Am I going to make drugs tempting, but I'm, looking for a man, not jail time?

There is no dick in jail, except the prison guards, Harmon, you're. My idol I love, how I'm her idol because I'm. Looking for a man, and I'm, single I, find a man in jail. If they're going to separate me from them, you all got any single friends. I do Oboe is a because I'm normally into that are you taking a picture or are you just using your front camera as a mirror to look at that ass?

Yeah, you're definitely staring at her ass. Oh, she caught on to him. Damn. He's about to come in here. Okay, let's see I want to see what it looks like is he cute? Okay, poor I can deal with ugly.

Now, I don't mind being your sugar, mama I will. Supply all the credits in this relationship, but in radar I'm on to at least have a better mesh head. Okay, he's beside you.

Okay. So his jacket makes me feel like I'm on LSD staring at Christmas lights, and it's, not a good feeling I've been there done that, and I'm just not into. Oh, and this little ones that sit next to him. So I think he's, good like yes, he's a little I.

See him. He is dripping, but he's tripping me out you do LSD or you just dressed like that because you weird like it's. Either one of those yes, okay, that's all I needed to know and that's. The T. This is getting a hopeless. I.

Can't, find a man I can't, find. No one I can go nowhere, the mall the movies. Okay, this one is called iron view kids.

And it freaks me out I'm, sorry, but I'm, not joining that the ultrasound clinic, and it's live. Okay, hold on or we better. Watch a live ultrasound. Let's, see it where's.

The babies Here I. Am everybody I'm over here. I'm ready to watch this birth is this like training day or. Something sigh, oh, my god, she's pregnant as , she's, really about to pop. Hello can I help you, and please get away from behind the desk.

No I live here. Now, damn girl, you're, ready to pop. You have two babies.

Three weeks away from birth. Oh, just get in Abed. Let me find out if I have a child to me. Oh, my god, there's already somebody back here, trying to get an ultrasound Wow, how cute you see you can have some educational live rooms, and you can learn some are you making a video right now. Yes, I. Am and what about it? Why are you swearing at me?

We are in the hospital. Oh, my god. This is just singing milkshake. Are you kidding me first she asked for a boyfriend, and now she's sing, Fertile, and I'm? The one that's out of pocket please check me out.

Doctor, I think I've got baby fever. You know, it's so much easier to just have a baby and I envy you, oh, my god, wait, a second , I'm, sitting at the triplet bed, get me out of here. I do not want him just start screaming at me. And being like. Congrats you're having triplets because I've gone down that road. Already I really did can I sit over here and said, wait where's.

The one that just says I have the flu. Oh, my god, I'm, leaving I'll, give child support from my already existing baby. Daddy I am NOT adding two more to the mix wedding salon. Oh, my god, . Am I going to watch a live wedding? Am I going to ruin a live wedding?

Do you learn man? You'll, learn man, maybe I'm a bad , don't, , try to play dumb. Oh, my god poke on a dick and die. . Fill me in possibly you're just mad because you're ugly and everybody shut the up and stop trying to play me before you come for a real bad. I'll, show you a bad , I scare, my ex-husband again, caller cries.

E are you all really fighting over a pixel man like please. Let me find out that's not what's happening. Possibly he is made out of pixels. I bet, his dick isn't, even two gigabytes like calm down.

She crashed a wedding. How does she do that? No?

She tried to steal some girl's husband and. Then started calling her ugly and stuff, and we all had to defend her I. Guess, this is just an eye view miracle. They saved a wedding and made this girl's day.

And everybody just feels so much better amazing. Well, I think we've seen a lot today. This has been crazy, it's been a wild, activity to do I want to keep my sanity and I don't want to fight over pixel penis.

Thank you. I think we can all agree that I. Am you live rooms are a little intense a little wild, but it's all super fun and great.

Content from so, thank you guys for being crazy, little thoughts. And thank you for watching this video I think I'm going to do another live event where you guys just come through, and we chill, and maybe like find me a boyfriend or something like that live via the web, I think it'd be really cute, and maybe it would make me a lot less just breath of what I already am. So if you guys want me to do that, let me know down below, but again, thank you so much for watching. And thank you too I envy you for. Collaborating with me on this video again, live rooms are now available on Windows, which means even more partying and a lot more good times and laughs I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, and I'll also see one of you, hopefully, but give I thought, ease.