CVS Deals A Week In Review | Best Coupon Stock-up Deals | Feb 18th-Feb 24th 2018

Hey, friends and welcome back so guys, it's time to do another CVS. We can review the best stock up deals for the week. Now this is going to be for the deal set started on Sunday, February, 18 and are going to end on Saturday, February 24th. Now it is only Wednesday at the top of this video going live. So you still have plenty of time to get out there and do these deals if you have not done. So a lot of deals this week, however, on the deals that we do have, there were definitely some staple items that we all. Should have in our stockpile at all times so let's, turn the camera around and get started all right so let's hop into it.

Now I do have a breakdown for you guys of some of the deals that I think are the best for this week to stock up on again, there's, not a lot of deals going on this week, but what they do have or certainly good stock up items. Now, just to kind of hit on a few other items. The tide simply is priced at two dollars. And ninety-four cent we have been seeing this deal run for some. Time now at CBS there's, the in a coupon for a dollar, aqua one.

So you can pick up one for two dollars this week. If you like this brand and or in need of laundry detergent, Kellogg's raisin, bran, they're, $1.99, and I think we have a 50 cent all printable coupon on we'll, make it a dollar in 49 states. So that's, not too bad there. Alright? So the rock-bottom deal it's going to be on the paper products this week. So the cotton L, clean, these got two free and the Vito paper towels or our port of.

This promotion by three, and you get a five dollar ECB now, I hope you guys were able to make it out to the store on Sunday and take advantage of this deal. Utilizing the insert coupons if you are not those coupons have expired on Sunday. However, we do have a $2.00 off to coupon on the CBS app. So it would be your choice. You can pick up either all three Connell or all three fever or a combination of both. Now, if you want to utilize the bottle rebate for $0.50 back for the cotton, L, then definitely.

Pick up at least one of the cotton nails. So your price for all three will come to $14.97. You utilize that in that coupon taking off $2. So you told it would be 12 dollars and 97 cents give me back a $5, extra care, but making your final cost, seven dollars and 97 cent or about two dollars and sixty-five cents per pack, which is certainly a stock up price there. So don't, miss out on paper products deal this week. If you have not gotten up to the store and done this deal yet, this is certainly stock.

Up rights okay. And then next up on this page, these soft soap and Irish, Spring, Born 3-pack. So they are on promotion this week, the same promotion by two for $4. You get a $2 ECB. Now you see here, the ad is telling you it is $2 on the purchase of 2. So you have 2 by 2, you can mix and match if you want to get one hand soap and one boar soap, you can do that or get two hand, soaps and then 2 bar soaps.

Now, the better deal to do is going to be on the Irish cream for so because you're getting three packs of. With the 3 pack to you're getting three fourths of soap in each pack. So if you decided to do this deal here, you would pick up 2 of the Irish springs for a price point of $4. You want to give back two dollars in ECB's, making your final cost $1 per 3 packs or $0.33 a board, which is definitely a stock up price for soap. Now if you were lucky enough to have AC or tea for it, two dollars off a $6 body wash in or borescope purchase, then go ahead and pick up three of the Born soaps for a price of one of. Six dollars and 49 cents utilize that CRT taking on $2.

You would pay four dollars and 49 cents get back a $2.00, extra care buck making your final cost, $2.49 483 set for each three pack or about 28 cents for each board. So that's, certainly a stock up price there for sure on the board. So okay, then on this page as well. See hopeless. Ah, we haven't had a dildo blends in quite some time. So I was excited to see that come around as I said, all the time I, personally, don't wash, my own hair because I can't. Stand to do so, but this is my sister's brand of choice.

And now that my son Galen has turned into a pretty boy he's been loving all the hair products that I do home he's been utilizing a lot of himself. Anyway, these are on sale, two, four seven. But the promotion is by three, and you get a three dollar ECB. The better deal to do is pick up four and a price point of $14. You will utilize for insert coupons for two dollars off of one. Then you were to use that $2 off 12 C or tea that everyone received. This past Sunday, making your final price, $4, you're going to get back three dollars in ECB's.

The final neck house will be a dollar for all four or 25 cent each, which is definitely a sticker price for shampoo and or conditioner the beauty of this deal. This week is that the treatments are also included for the same price point. So for 25 cent, you can also pick up hair treatments, and you can mix and match. So for anyone that is new, you don't have to buy and set. So you don't have to buy two shampoos or. Two conditioners or one of each, if you want to mix and match, you can certainly do so heat then at - well, never - look at the picture. And think that is limited to only the picture unless the egg actually states limit to what's, pictured if that makes sense.

Okay. So let's, see here, what else did I head out when in a while? Okay, so I, didn't include the women while on the breakdown, but it is a good deal. I did have a breakdown with it, I'm already doing the week. And then I did have a breakdown in my. Haul video so it is a good deal.

I think the retinol is a good cosmetic deal this week because first it's going to count towards beauty in a second. You could get a lot of products more product for bang for your buck. So you can pick up seven any idols regular price at $8 and $0.49, your total, but to come out to about 10 hours and 43 stamps, even without any see Ortiz or manufacturer coupons to pair with it, you're still coming out, pretty I'm dirt cheap there.

So you would get back a five-dollar EC beam. Making your final price about 83 cent or so or 77, said, I, don't have a method from me for each one of your items. So not to share me there on the wet and wild.

Now. Now the makeup deal that I actually did include for this week on the breakdown is the physician's formula. So they are on promotion span, syndicate, $87 ECB.

So you can pick up a product at $9.99. If you see here, the ad is telling us if everyone is getting a $3 off one coupon. So it will make your final cost $6.99 get back that seven ECB.

Making it absolutely free. So that's, definitely a good deal to do this week and I included it because again, even if you are new, you should get that cor T because it was putting out for everyone as it shows here in the ad. And if you don't utilize positions for more, or it's, not your makeup of choice, or whatever, certainly donate it and use that $7 ECB to purchase things that you are actually in Nita so not too shabby there. Okay, let's stay here.

And in vitamins, I haven't mentioned vitamins in any of. The best stock up deals, but vitamin deal has been going on for some time. And we can expect to see this probably until the middle of spring, starting up I would say just because around this time of the year is when everybody is making those resolutions again, healthier and vitamins is part of that regiment, so, etc. So there buy one, get one free there are so many of vitamins and included so many brands, including the CBS brand.

And we have coupons to pair up with a lot of the manufactured brands as well. So definitely look into vitamins if it's something that you actually do take, but I think that is everything that I wanted to mention to you guys for the best stock up deals this week like I said, it is not a lot going on this week at CVS, but there's always a deal to be had. And so if you decide to pick up everything that I have listed on the breakdown, your total would come to 42 dollars and 96 cent before coupons after our coupons are applied. It would be $27.90 that's, how much you would end. Up paying out of pocket or again, if you have extra care bucks utilize your ECB's to cover that cost, you would get back 17 dollars in extra care bucks, making your final costs, 10 dollars and 96 cents plus.

There is a 50 cent I bottle for that. Cotton L, if you decide to pick up at least one, and then you will have twenty-three dollars coming towards the beauty Club as well. Now, guys, remember, if you do have extra care bucks going into the store, definitely utilize those to cover your out-of-pocket cost.

So, for instance, this total was twenty-seven ninety-six. So if you had $25 in ECB's, then roll all twenty-five dollars in pay the difference and then receive your 17 dollars back in extra care bucks. Now you did not have $25 in ECB's and certainly break up your transaction and enroll your extra care bucks that is one way to go about doing it. And as I always say, if you're able to then go big do one big transaction cover everything out-of-pocket.

If you don't have those extra care buffs or the total. Amount of ECB's cover what you have to cover out-of-pocket and then get your extra care bucks back as always guys. Thank you.

So very much for watching do let me know in the comments below if this little miniseries it's, not really a miniseries is something I'm doing the channel. But if this series itself helps you guys out, especially in the one that is new with understanding how to read the ad work, the deals and when to actually stock up on products. And so on it's, always, thanks so much for watching. And until next time, guys, happy cube money.