Daily Ments: Big Lenny's Misfit Debut

Yeah, freaking out. We finally have an appearance, an appearance by the one and only big Lenny, a very surprising appearance. This morning Elaine I saw you walking into the gym door, and I'm like is that who I think it is wait what's going on. What are you doing here? So early?

Well, I guess, it's everybody's lucky day, we're all together it's just in time, because he just lost his coach yesterday, no like to elaborate on that really too busy for you. Okay. It's on record. Well, we're not correct. Yeah.

We're, not, and he's 24 and Jon's aren't. Either, yeah, see that I'm weighing in about 370 Jason's are ripped to 20, yeah, - 40. What do you weigh a buck 80 and I'm kind of disappointed because I didn't have any challengers? But I? Guess, these people out here got half a brain that they don't want to be for this. All you tattooed freaks with your gym gear, where are you I'm, waiting?

Remember, no liability. We'll, go right out the back. And if you be, we get $1,000. I'm, sure you guys could use a thousand does. Think of all the drugs you could buy why don't we meet it doesn't need drugs when you like that, Phil Heath let's, see, what do you weigh Phil?

You can pull out. You can pull off a Geneva and call out some dead people. If you want any deceased people you like to call that didn't go too. Well, Jason I got the DVD it's going to be put up in a few weeks.

And you guys are going to like if it's me. And my partner Andrew Color from way back in the day 12 years ago, one of the original W in this video I, actually. Remember from the old world Jim across the street, you and him used to train together every morning and scared, the out of everyone over there. And you guys be benching.

My five is six hundred pounds. Well, Andrew is arguably the greatest gym lifters of all time by the way he's not talking about me, folks support, dear I, don't think anybody could have done power that their Barber I've yet to see it. But anyway, we have a 650-pound rob bench on here that Andrew did when he was 24 years old, no rest. Wraps no belt, no bench shirt, nothing, but balls and guts, and we're going to try to get the video of it uploaded in my YouTube channel within the next couple of weeks, I just need the file, that's all I need, and I'll.

Do it and I? Remember Andrew very well from across the street back when I first moved to Florida it's, when I first met Lenny back in 1998, and he and his boy Andrew used to power lift in there and basically scare the crap out of everyone else. Andrew. What Andrew was an animal that guys. Chest took out about two feet.

I, remember it his when he went five, nine about 340 and his arms were close to 23 inches, five, nine, three, forty because he could eat was about the knife and fork and the heavy weights. Oh, you little drug addicts out there and steroid abusers get a lot of that. You know that ain't going to give it to you. Alright, everybody in their brother takes steroids, doesn't, what's that see Andrew video.

You want to put that Andrew. It doesn't matter to me do that everything else go with. You Lenny, what else is new anything how's it supposed to be it. All sucks, but life is misery if it makes you feel any better Lenny. People have been asking me for months to come to the gym at about 11:30. So I could film you train, and I've been meaning to do. So it just doesn't really fit my schedule.

But if you can start getting here early, and we can start filming you train with the iron country are you're? Not a're, not up to date on his nicknames, I, didn't, rip pants, tinkle, the iron Khan. , look at I'm, a middle-aged man, anybody got teeth like that come on down what the TV comparing contest with a physique contest, whatever you want to fight, whatever listen we'll. Do it all right here at Del Rey, World, Gym, I, don't know what to say, she's, absolutely sympathy.

I would have been who made the name. The iron come on I think big Richard did I think where has been rich Richard is on the mend. He had some skin cancer procedures on his face. He had a bad shoulder as well. Furthermore, he assured me.

He'll be back in here once he's fully healed up I'm, miss, waiting for him. Soon, hopefully to see Richard, come back. Yeah, I.

Miss him. We all miss him. My specialist is back lesson to you kids out there. You go through hardship. You know, got overdose to commit suicide.

Furthermore, you bounce back better. Everybody wants to end it. That seems to be the cool thing.

Well, you know, we all think that, but you know what overcome it? Then you could be a real towel. Ready?

Misfits. You want to see some pack shots. Look at this back.Oh, so Jason has to do a lot of spread next to you Jason doesn't like being upstaged. Look at Lenny it's like look at this back so Jason. Instantly poses next to him Jesus, yeah, I think so well, Andy I'm gonna finish up my workout and I got a couple more sets, and unfortunately, I have to go to work. Thanks, Andrew.

Take thanks for taking the time anytime brother, it's, damn good to see you. Likewise, we'll be seeing more definitely definitely definitely Jason. Certainly do you have a good day? Jason, it's, a right.

Of fire earlier under the iron , but they're already shirts out there, but I think I'll be a good seller that's. What it's all about the iron kind of your money all right boys. You have a good day.

Lenny I'll, see you in the future? Hopefully soon in here, one last quotes going remember we snack on danger. We dine on death, don't make money.