Finland S5 - Sorsakala - 2WD PB

Five four three, two one go, six right into turn two right into six right opens and long, six left. Fifty long, six, right, tightens to four narrows and long six left into k, narrow bridge and five right in two long, five left over crest and six right, 13k crest and three right? Narrows, don't cut 36 left over crest and six left and long, six right, keep in and six left split time into jump and k along five left tightens to three. Fifty big jumps, keep right into double caution, five left over narrow bridge and.

Four right, seventy long three right, don't cut into six right? Seventy big jump. Fifty jumps into k, long, four, right titles for three don't cut, and long two left don't cut in two long, five left, keep in and six right cut into care left and turn have been right into six left splits and six right tightens to four over breast into five left into narrow bridge, seventy care right and long two left thirty-two right. And long three left opens don't, cut and five right cut and four left hit the four right. Tightens to three and one five left opens into turn. Two left, don't, cut thirty, big jump and long, six right into k. Five right splits and four left narrows, don't cut and six right 35 left and long, five, right, 30.

All two left don't, cut 56 right into long. Five left, don't, cut thirty crest and dip into caution. Four left of the narrow bridge. Fifty long, five, over crest into four right, don't cut and lock six over crest and dip into k. Three over crest. Don't cut and six over finish and. Six left, um, um, um, uh. You.