How To Pass The GED Test Without Studying | Really?

Hi there it's me teacher, Mike from poke at pals today, I'm going to teach you how to pass the GED test without studying, or perhaps I'm, not because in my opinion in my experience people who say they have done this or either one telling lies or two, perhaps have scored they if they've passed, they might have a very strong, academic background. And because GED is a skills based test. And maybe they went in there with a very strong, reading comprehension, etc. and math skills and did get a score, but I can. Guarantee you that they did not get as good a score as they could have done if they had studied effectively with GED practice papers and things like that. So I just want to kind of put this one as a warning here today, because I've been through lots of Facebook videos, I've been searching things on Google and I find quite a lot of people who are mentioning this very term.

And it kind of shocked me a little because I, you know here at Phuket Pals, where a GED Testing Service, authorized test prep. Partner, and you know, we deal with this test all the time every day. And if this test is definitely not to be sniffed at this test is tricky, you have to work hard. It requires, you know, grade, 12 levels skill levels and reading writing speaking mathematics, science, etc. And we just need to be careful with all in what we read on the internet. Because sometimes it is a little off the mark let's say now think back at school think back when you went to high school, there was always someone in your class. Who who did really well, but claimed to have never opened a book, you know, I remember, very clearly a my my school at back home in Ireland I, remember, the very face of this person that's, a long time ago, Nan.

And he always claimed that he didn't do one thing, but he always got A's or a star and I thought. How does he do this? You know, the fact was he was opening a book.

He was a pretty smart guy to begin with, but he was studying secretly and there's so much bravado in with young people and young. Adults, it's cool, not to do work very often among certain groups. And my advice for you isn't be like this. Okay, life's too short. You want to get ahead. You want to figure out the strategies that you can take and implement to get the best score in GED for you on your future. Okay.

So what can we do then to push ahead with GED and do the best for ourselves that we can? Well, the first thing is, we can plan effectively and don't cram too much. Okay. So plan don't cram, I understand that cramming is it. Works for some people sometimes with certain types of exam. Okay. So let's say, I'm, a more traditional exam that you do at school.

It could be a. It could be a history exam in which you have to name off, maybe a timeline of events. Excuse me in the Second World War. And you spend your time learning the debts the names and all of that, because you want to repeat it in the tests.

Well, in that case, cramming can work because it's easier to remember things in the short-term. But with the GED test, this doesn't. Work because it's its best it's focusing in more on higher-order, thinking skills, okay, skills of inference skills are finding out the readers purpose. Finally, you know, look at using graphs to interpret certain things from a paragraph or a certain data. So you can't just these are higher-order thinking skills that we need to sharpen. How do we sharpen them?

Well, we need to practice. Okay. We can't practice than the night before the day before or anything like that.

So it takes a longer period. Of time, the absolute minimum period of time for a high level student I would recommend for GED studying is one month and that's for a very high level student and usually someone who's around 18 or 19 minimum years of age. And they've they've already finished high school, but they want GED. Maybe to go study abroad, or something like that, and I actually do a video on our YouTube page about my 30-day preparation plan for GED. So I'll put the link in the video below for you. If you're interested enough. So what I recommend is as I say plan, effectively and don't cram, you need a study timetable.

You need to set aside these hours each day as you can to sit down with a test prep book, I recommend the mcgraw-hill one I recommend, the Cape Lam test prep book. You can use these test prep books to give you the different strategies and different approaches to questions that will help you in the real test also in there, you've got pre-tests and post-tests, which are very, very useful. And also you've got like. Very realistic and end-of-chapter questions that test your content knowledge in relation to these higher-order thinking questions as well. So that's all in there, am on top of them.

What you should be doing is also focusing big time on skills, not details. Okay. So some students fall into the trap when studying for GED, especially, especially social studies and science of trying to learn all the details and remember all the details. You do not need to do this. You need a general overview of the.

Details, but it's more about your reading skills, your levels of your comprehension, your reading comprehension skills. Okay. Now in in in the GED test they're hitting at grade 12 level.

So that's, Alexia, Alexia level. Alexia level is a comprehensive how difficult a reading text is okay. So the higher your Alexia level, the higher the level of difficulty GED in the science test r-la, all the tests you're heading around well, over a thousand of the thousand two hundreds. So it's, it's, it's, tough, dense.

Text, And and you have to train yourself to be able to read this type of text and X give it the correct type of information from an unfair from this type of information. So how do you do that? How do you sharpen these skills? Well, you can use newsela is a freak let's go to news, alike, it's, a free, a free tool using current affairs and nonfiction.

Text, I've actually done a video, a screencast video talking about heart, and you use new Newsela before, and I'll put that below this video as well. And you. Can have a look, so I won't bore you with all the details in this particular video, okay, but have a look-out it's, really, really interesting, and it will help you a lot. This is highly recommended I act. I recommend this to a group of teachers as the best free teaching website on the Internet, quite recently. So that's a big recommendation for Newsela so get in there and check it out and check out my video as well. And the second thing you can do is look at read theory, read theory, calm now, I haven't done.

Another video on this, but I will I've been using read theory, calm for years, it's cool, it's free again and students go in they create an account, and they do what's called a pretest, and which is it questioning based on it different passages reading. Once they've finished that the algorithm of the website will look hit they're, very accurately, their level of reading their grade level of reading and their Lexis level of reading. Then you start the proper program, and it gives you an an a. An article it could be nonfiction. It could be fiction. And then after that, you get a series of usually between four and six or seven questions. And these questions all tie into the Common Core initiative.

So it's questions, like you get asked in the GED test because it ties into the Common Core as well. So things like the writers purpose, inferring. The an idea the central idea of the paragraph all things like this. Okay, or it could be vocab based, and you'll see get into read theory comm and then tell. Me what you think about it? Okay, tell me to think about new Salsa as well.

You can comment below this video, I, guarantee you'll think, it's great. If you think it's, really, really good, just let me know, I'm always happy to hear. So just take a comment below the video if you will, and we can start a start a conversation. And the next thing you can do is focus on strategy, not shortcuts so focus on strategy for GED, not shortcuts, and I've been in the GED again for a long time.

Now, and some students do. Approach me and students will say, I've been on the internet I find out these tips and tricks to you know, score very highly in GED I don't need to do a course. I don't need to be taught I don't need this that I have the tips and tricks one, two three here they are for each subject, and it's, very difficult for me to be. Yeah, with these students I need to be honest with them. The internet is just awash with tips and tricks for every single academic subject, every single test that has ever.

Existed and still exists tips and tricks, secret sauce secrets for blah, blah, blah, it's all it's, it's, it's, minimally helpful at best. Okay, with the GED test. You need to sharpen your skills through things like Newsela things like read theory through your test prep books and also through GED ready and other practice, practice papers, practice tests, your knock tips and tricks will not get you through this test its skills best. Okay.

So you need to read a lot you to practice a lot. And you know, just. Having the top 5 ways to succeed in GED socials, social studies disease, this will not get you through the test. And it may get you a couple of points higher, but it's, not going to get you your absolute best score you you can get so get into what I'm talking about here get into the nitty-gritty get into the meat.

The meaty stuff do yourself. A favor get a study timetable start studying really, really hard, and also I advise you strongly to get a good GED tutor. If you come here on pukka pals, We're a GED Testing, Service, they're, the guys that make the tests do decor we're, a GED Testing Service, authorised test prep partner. So we're authorised to tutor people on this and deliver quality programs and coach people about GED. So if you know if you want to contact us on our Facebook page poke at pals, or you can leave a message below this video, we can get back to you and then arrange a Skype one-on-one, or if you're in the area of Coquette, you can come in and see us in Hansen. We can help.

You, you know, really as quickly as is possible, get the highest score that you can get okay. So that's about it for today, be aware. This is the final lesson be aware when people say hard to pass the GED test without studying unbelievable. Okay. So that's it from me teacher, Mike from poke balls, org and there's plenty of links today below the video check the mind and don't forget to subscribe to our you could your YouTube channel click, the bell all that stuff.

So thank you very much and have a good. Day bye, bye.