How To Use FordPass 2019

Hey there, this is will Phillips from Jared, Gordon, Ford and Davenport I'm. One of the senior consultants here and I want to talk to you about a new Ford, pass and sink connect today. I'm going to show you how to do that open your Ford pass app that you download to your smartphone, and you can unlock the doors, and it's going to go ahead, it'll send the signal up to the satellite, and it will send the signal and will lock the car. Now told me a notification. My doors are locked last thing I want to show. You are how you can remotely start your car press and hold on the start engine.

Button it's going to go ahead do the same thing and send the signal back up and going to remote start the vehicle for us here that easy. So when you open your forward pass app here, just by clicking on vehicle details, I can see how much gas is in my car where it's parked enhanced monitoring I can see my oil life percentage higher pressure indicators. And if there are any warnings that kick on that I need to know about which. Is great from here can also activate my vehicle hot spot for those vehicles that do come with the embedded modem service and I can also schedule my future service visits.

So I don't have to worry about waiting on hold I. Can just do everything right from the app schedule, my next I'll change and be in and out. And on my way again, you have your vehicle glove box where you can access support more information and run health reports about your vehicle.

In addition to those features, you have fine featured. Which allows you to find nearby a fuel parking dealerships, all these things to help you find places that are relevant for you that you need your Ford pass app guides button, right here you go ahead, and you click on it, and you've got access to a live person anytime. You have questions about your vehicle. You can access it by calling or doing a chat or an email to the Ford Pass guide system. Your new account management. Button. You'll have your profile.

You can see your Ford pass perks as you start. To improve perks from using your Ford pass and scheduling your maintenance and service visits through there, you can link it to your Ford, Credit and manage your payments that way you can also link your Ford Pass wallet. So you can add your own credit card and use it to prepay for parking at different locations. You have your emergency flasher button right here. So if you need roadside assistance, it's, right here at your fingertips, we directly call them or make an appointment request. Thanks for.

Watching today with us for this and more tips stay with us on this channel, or you can come here to I-4 and 27 exits 55 and Davenport, where any of our specialists will be able to help you out, or you can come visit us online at Part Gordon for Davenport comm, where you'll find a YouTube link to our channel. See you next time and drive safe.