Ip Man 3 - Wing Chung Vs Muay Thai | REACTION

You ready for this one two three, you know, we can that you'll enjoy I love. It wrap it up. Yeah, Ivy. Man, hey, hey, you guys requested this Man, 3, Wing, Chen, vs. more time. Oh, okay, here we go by the way I've. Never seen. We've never sowed . We've never seen.

Dude, you're going to miss it. Oh, oh, you already know we've never seen inventory. Just, you know, not even a second by the way, my boys are dressed the same way just so you know boys, but you know, your , you see the tiger he already knows their . About to go down, oh, my god, you already know, I got your typical, uh from Thailand.

He already knows share of October see what good it does his wife, Omar. Okay, what? Okay like that? Oh, you see that it's, not you got a pleasing see that got a protector thing. Too. Man. Muay Thai is the .

You gotta protect the girl who ran that's important, them up. Yeah, oh my god, you see how we yoga bro. Imagine fighting in that little elevator women should read that's inside the factory. Rose book, read I.

Got to confirm it, yeah, it's going to be the general money. Oh, we see that okay, that's what my riders on outside I go. The fight is going outside, oh, , bro, something about Muay Thai when they go like that drives me nuts there. It is ladies.

Come over here. This end. The song is making me who I am should we get serious? Just drag me? Go?

Okay, she's, waiting putting in Malaysia come on then guys are so much control. Whoa. Funny. Come on man. Oh, my kick his ass, bro digging to all my favorite.

Martial arts styles, oh, my god, see the power them like these guys like God, oh, I, love more time. So much it's, not even funny bro I'm telling you I could like - oh sorry, that was pretty handsome brother fighting down the stairs and make me want to get into fight - you better. Be ready after the video. Lastly, okay, Donnie man, it's over I'm, bloody parties now, get the . You see he goes get out of here. Get out of here.

Go take a shower, real quick and brush your teeth there. You . It up . You're less crazy, dude, you're always pick trying.

And the wife is there, waiting just waiting president darling for president 2017 forever, who died that guy is so classy, bring about the cannot no more than guys so class. My god, you look at that, hey, living in style. The minute I see this I'm getting so excited. Sir don't, go down drop open up and use your vein. I know, but anyway, um, by the way by whom a huge fan of Van Damme movie men, you say, that's different angles, oh, can you stop this. Is about Wing Chen. This is about it doesn't, lean on your nose.

Stop me. You see your nose. If you guys haven't heard in the last it meant videos, we've made my favorite martial arts style.

All the time has always been moon time. Yes, since the first day, I laid eyes on it. The first time I've seen Tony, JAA, yeah, yeah. It has for some reason since I was a kid we grew up on the, the, the, the, the. And among them, practice, Moutai a good friend of ours. So, yeah, we haven't talked to him after there, but anyway, you know, I. Was always in love with more time when I watch it did they mix.

It gives me something inside that I just want to go butterflies exactly I've always heard of Wing Chen. But it wasn't till I saw Tony for the first time. And its man won I really started to fall in love with a Wing Chen Greg.

But this is awesome. Man, I've, never seen this. And this is the best obviously it's a movie it's, not real right? But Wing Chen, vs., Muay Thai.

This is the first time I've seen the two styles against each other. Yeah, I mean, When it comes to martial arts, man, don't need a thing allowed I like about them. You have so much control.

You have so much pressure, personally so it's. So like a constant so flankers, he doesn't even very much best thing about it mans, forget, though it mans so far, right when he fights, he doesn't do any no you are any stories. I did. Yeah. He doesn't.

Stay won't. Throw some punches. You don't. Look at the face. I, always liked it. Yo, you see no crazy.

We got it in as you see the face versus the other guys. Yeah, the other guys put on yeah, exactly which is good right? What you see him? He has so much going to go like you were saying Tony for president dirty footprints guys write in the comments burning for president.

Thanks for watching guys. Thanks for requesting this video. There should be two bros reactor. President swimming thumbs up the video subscribe share with your friends. And as always you see on the next video of the gap, peace,