Mad Verse Secret Names | AdmiralBulldog Plays Mad Verse City (Jackbox 5) #6

Let's do uh, hide names, we're going to hide the names because here's the thing when I do when I play this game, even though I'm clearly, the best player people vote against me, because they want to see a god, gamer loose. So we're going to hide the names. You will not know who is who at the end, I will reveal who is who my mind or fight mind of fire. You want to join right. I'm.

Obviously, not going to join first, because the obvious thing let me just test here log out. Okay, who wants to join. So if you're like whom. Is who well the best one is always going to be me, yo, check it out you all got to step back up off of me, I'm still from the west side.

Maybe I'm going first all right the mic. Possibly with all these less Jesus. Okay, that's hard.

First matchup, who is who is a random hip-hop heads would be front and center. Yeah, we got the first trick. Our battle is ready to go. So let's.

Do these players be sure to give props let's cut through some hot garbage. They wait using some hot garbage lyrics it's, a fact that I beat it all. Over your mom's face I'm going to make her eat it.

My mom always says, I'm, her number one, darling on your mom's face. However, I always am farting. Did you just do two? Mom jokes, that's, not bad at all that was well done good moving right along?

Yo, you have to get that might be me. I came here to crush in my words are bulldog. I heck in love Clash of Clans. Furthermore, I use the hog my flow's so strong call me the Mississippi. Twin towers you look like that fat, from Austin, powers I'm going to give you a pass on that because. This is your first time doing this, but don't ever come back with that.

Wackiness all right, you all it's voting time, let's make it happen hit the voting button. Pick somebody, you know what you're doing, you know how you're doing, and it's done you won where my MC's that you're getting voted down let's get it started. I come and see and conquer just like Gandhi, I'm, hot on the beach if the streets like Gambia haven't, you heard I'm the next Houdini surprise, making magic like Houdini , yo, check it. Out that was a weak score, and that was a weak battle.

Next emcee. My rhymes are delicate so handle with famous your vines are trash. Don't play. Nurse, gather round I'm about to get fearless. Wipe your tears, don't be so cheerless.

Okay. Now let's, keep it moving. Okay. Now, who's, the dopes rapper, who's, the wackest cat, no balling, we're all trying hard here.

Maybe it's me let's get those votes in expeditiously. Congratulations that was pretty decent good job. Now it's time for the next couple of MCS to get. Down, I deliver it hot as SD you're, laying underground like a db. I drive to the hoop like winning all the time like a Gordon its fleece was white as snow . Right? I see you swag, yeah, it's your turn now it's.

My coronation call me the queen of rock. The only action you get is coming into a sock. I destroy city blocks like a gigantic dog, no princess will ever kiss. You are an old gas looking frog.

I know you can do better than that time to vote you all who brought it and who did it. Now, I know who. Everyone is I know who they are let's get those votes in maybe I'm winning, maybe unless I will reveal who is who at the end, here's your winner courtesy, clap now, let's, keep it moving. Okay. Everybody round. One is done let's move on to the next round.

Now, let's check out the scoreboard all right follow the instructions on your device. All right, it's getting exciting who is going to win here's, the under card, the main event, somebody better come get this money. All right, wait for this let's, get it in you. Can vote in charges class is in session. My mega cup. Welcome blabs.

You might be in luck. If you were a movie, you'd be thriller, no weak beat likes pence. Taylor, .

Okay, all right. That's. Cool. I don't care about you or your hard 7 in the chat.

Give me all the points. Easy . I wouldn't feed my dog, whatever you just wrote down all right now you got to use your devices to find out who going to make it.

Did you forget to vote both great? If you get 20 vitamins and both are great. I think they.Did both good now keep in mind. We brought the rhymes are old like a secondhand dildo, wipe from history so fast, just like Bilbo you ever hear the one about the weak ASCII that one's about you.

You weird ass, freak, that's, great, I'm, loving it. Oh, you have to respond to that you don't exist. And now you also sexist, you feel those nerves inside my . I have when your mommy's tummy makes me hard as all right. All right?

I see what you're working with right now is the time to vote so start clicking. That button time to vote all right, you see it the numbers don't lie. Congratulations, it's time for our next battle. So we need the next two cats to step up and get down. I can't, I'm getting to you. You look all that Justine I'll, , you in the ass don't test me.

I hate it I'm coming after you. So watch your banana dropping presents down your chimney I'm Santa that was okay. It wasn't the best I heard, but it wasn't, the worst either you're on deck.

Let's. Go come on your busted rhymes are a crime. Against toyboy quit rapping and get employed you're. So boring, you remind me of lunar, enrichment, all right. Thanks. Appreciate you. The battle is now officially over use your devices and figure out who it is.

That was the dopes MC. I've to get them votes in the epidemic. Congratulations, okay, you all round. Two is over let's.

Keep it moving. We got one more round, left let's, check the scores all right now. This is your last chance, go ahead and get out that's. Right? I don't know what the real is all. Right, oh, my god this entire car. This is it all right?

You look like you ready? Come on let's, get it let's here we go I'm hunting for trophies, but you're, just a bulldog longer, I'm better call some Louis. So they suck the smaller it's funny that you think you're walking blah, blah, spicy steak regretted instant and drink. Soy mistake, all right. Thanks. Thanks. Now, we have to move on part, grab the mic and get busy forget ghostbusters for you.

I call valor he's, looking kind of sickly better. Ship him up to Sal all of your rhymes make me want to giggle make like water. George's beats make me, wiggle major bars from our player. Over there. Now it's time for you to use your devices and vote Bolton time right now I voted on your mom. Okay.

Good job. Good job. We got your winner. Hey, man, come on watch where you're stepping where my two MC's at let's go. I don't sweat, the small stuff, and you're, very minuscule.

So tiny and small chat as you ridiculed grow things. I despise more than you are alligators. Can't poke their eyes out, big, haters, laughing, tell you how whack that was you've got to get back to that one? Why are you so obsessed with what your wrap is like bulldog stream, a real snort it's hard to breathe? Because your wraps are viable you're, almost as awful as that, dude, guy called Kyle all right peace and love let's move on. Okay, you all.

Now the battle is over, you have to use your devices to vote. Did you forget the vote? And now we got our winner nice job, kiddo right here right now. The final. Matchup final match you're, not the boss of me, not even mighty like a demon of hell you're looking stunned. You can't grasp the chemistry more washed up than that guy who won ti3 chemistry.

Yo, three I'm, not afraid of you. You remind me of a fish you can't more like you can wash a dish let's, get those votes in hit the voting button. Pick somebody soon I will be coming hydra Freddy. Thank you. We should take your sub-break. Congratulations, give it up to them let's, see the stuff we got to see. Who won amazing work check it out you all glad you all came out glad you enjoyed it.

We out of here, uh, first guess who I am I'll give you a chance to guess who I am, uh, their doubters. I always win, but I don't because you always vote against me all right we're done for today. We're done for today.

I'm going to have sex with your mom now. Okay. Bye. Beginning.