New York's Worst Tourist Traps: Times Square, Scams, Frauds, And More

Welcome to New York City. There are tons of fun things to do here. However, there's also tons of tourist traps today, I'm going to show you the worst tourist traps in New York, City, let's, start with this one Times Square. The only good thing about Times Square is the Broadway shows. This is a massive tourist trap, everything's, overpriced and blender and Times Square under any circumstances.

Please don't go to Madame Tussauds, great, please believe it or not it's. Not even fun. There guys come on that's. The. Biggest tourist trap you can ever find if you want something that says, New York on it doesn't come to any of these cheap souvenir shops, you'll see these all over the Midtown area.

Instead, a way to get these for way. Cheaper. Price are you go to Chinatown? Or you can go to any Duane Read or Walgreens. They sell it for so, so cheap.

Okay, instead of going to places like the Freedom Tower or the Empire State Building, skip it. Those places are so expensive. And they have really long lines. It's, just packed. Instead, go to these amazing rooftop, Bars we have so many in New York and the views are better than what you get there, or at the Empire State Building because you're, not surrounded by tourists. Here are a few of my favorites like this place. This is st. cloud at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square.

Come here. Look at this view that there look at this view here, that's, the New Year's, Eve, Ball, right? There, there are other great places to some of my favorite rooftop. Bars are to meet the g-wiz, a monarch.

Lounge at the top of the Met Museum there's, an incredible rooftop bar looking at over Central Park and the top of the Gansevoort hotel. All those places have incredible views and there's, no blood. There it's just so much better than going to be Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower so go there it's, dead then it's shopping on Fifth Avenue, where it's really expensive, and it's, really where all the tourists go to we're real near New Yorkers shop, which is the West Village, Lolita, Union, Square, any of. Those locations have tons of really cute boutique stores that are way better price. And all the stuff here at the Tableaux, when you're walking the streets of New, York you're going to get offered a lot of these little pamphlets for these big bus tours, don't, do if it's, a huge, and it's, not even a good tour, essentially they're just going to corral you into a giant bus full of tourists and give you generic information about the city as they go past all the landmarks and cool sites really quickly.

Instead of doing this, what you should do is go on a private tour or a small group tour. One of my favorite companies to do this with its urban adventures. They have tons of really fun tours of all over New York, City, and it's, really personalized don't. We use these guys it's, awesome adventures. Here you can get a delicious coffee and a bagel you're excited. Oh, wow.

I play board games, and they have over 500 if you don't want to deal with the hordes of tourists at museums, like the Museum of Natural, History the met or the MoMA head over to the more undiscovered, new bands, Museum of Moving, Image, and it's, an Astoria, please it's all about the art of Hill. And so it takes you through all these different movies and shows you behind the scenes, it's, very inject as well. So I, highly recommend checking this out also it's free on Fridays from 4:00 to 8:00 way better than those really busy places in Manhattan. Probably the biggest tourist travel of all in time sure, which is New Year's Eve. Now you may have. Seen this on TV, it looks super glamorous and amazing with confetti falling down, but that's, only for one moment, the rest of the time, it's, terrible, you have to get you're, probably like 15 hours before everything starts you'll be fed stood in an area.

And you can't leave that area until the show start you just have to sit there and wait for the show to start a lot of people end up wearing diapers. Okay. The other option is doing one of the great package deals that restaurants will offer you here, which. Are really terrible they're, extremely overpriced. Normally they're over around five hundred to a thousand dollars.

It can be more than that Time Square for New Year's Eve, not what it seems like just watch it on TV in your cozy house or at a bar. It will be so much more fun that way. And you won't end up fits in a grill, not being able to go to the bathroom for 15 hours under any circumstances. Take pictures with these costume characters like the one behind me.

What they do is they'll try to jump into. Your photo pretending like they just want to be in your photo. And then what they do is they demand you to give them a tip, and this tip will be like five to ten dollars, it's terrible and a lot of tourists fall for this, and they feel like they're obligated to pay them you're, not obligated to pay them. So don't, pay them. Another thing that you'll see all the time really walking along the streets like the guy behind me here, it's doing it. And they try to sell you a're mixed don't, buy this it's, a. Blank CD, they try to charge you like $20 for a mixtape and there's. Nothing on it.

Okay. Don't fall for these scams they're. So dumb, save your money. Cabs, right? Here are a scandal, they're really expensive. And they don't even get you places.

Fast. I just take the subway, literally, no New, Workers. Take those pedicabs instead of going to the overpriced Rockefeller Center ice rink. Come here instead.

This is Bryant Park. They have tons of really fun activities all year long, 20 dollars. And at Rockefeller Center.

It's a lot more blessed and waiting in line. So that's, a wrap everyone. Those are the worst tourist traps of New York City. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe follow me on Instagram at Sarah, funky and I will see you next time.