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And after he finishes, um doing what you asked him to do opening the gate for you to contact the law. You need to thank him. So that he may close that gate afterwards, because if he doesn't, you might get in trouble because okay, welcome to my channel guys in today's video. We are going to talk about papa Lisa. So papa LEGTA is going to be the first law I'm gonna cover in my videos.

Why is that? Well, because papa LEGTA is very important in the Asian Lulu. So he has the keys of guinea guys. What is guinea? So.

Basically guinea is the spiritual world in Haitian voodoo. So in Haitian voodoo, there's no hell of paradise. Okay, just like the spiritual world. Okay, where the spirits live, or you know, the dead that's, where they go.

Okay. So baba LEGTA, he has the keys. So if you want to talk to any laws, you have to talk with papa, LEGTA, first, you have to go through, papa, LEGTA.

Okay. So he is the one that has to give you permission to talk with the law. Okay.

So that's, why he is very significant. So you can't really do any. Rituals without papa Lisa, you know, you know what I'm saying.

So if you going to do a ritual like you're going to worship, or you're going to summon a law, so you have to go through papal, you know. So right now you have an idea how significant papa LEGTA is. Okay. So he is depicted as being an old man. And he wears like a dream small act. And he has like a cane that's. Why some people may call him the lame man, okay, because he walks with a cane.

And also he has like, um, he smokes like a long clay pipe. Okay. So. Um, holly would have another like, uh representation for papa LEGTA. I don't know where they have that representation from, but you know, it's Hollywood. So they have their own version of it.

Okay. So what you may have seen in my other videos of papa, LEGTA it's, like the Hollywood version of it, you know, the picture it's like the Hollywood version of it. Okay?

So, um in Haitian Lulu. We don't really have that representation for papa. Okay. So he has a similarity with bad. Okay, but they are not the. Same one, I saw someone who brought that up on Facebook. So I wanted to clear that.

Okay. So they're, not the same, and I'm going to like to do another video talking about bad to say, who is bow, okay and to tell you like guys the differences between uh, papa, LEGTA and bad. So papa LEGTA is the first law to receive offerings in retros.

And the first to be invoked as I told you already, okay. And he is like a wisdom, you mean and humility, personified that's. Why his, uh, offerings are less flashy than the other. Last. Offerings, uh, his offerings, maybe like coffee candy cake, grilled peanuts' rooster. And so on.

His favorite colors are black and white. Even if in some areas, they use like purple and yellow for him. And his wife's name is hays I'm going to make a separate video for Aida because she's, uh, interesting love. Okay.

And he is part of the radar Lucas. I told you the characteristic the characters of the radar was guys where the bottom lines are like announced to be like, uh, very soft, they're all not aggressive. Ones so yeah, he's part of the radar was. But you may also find him in petrol watts, I'm going to make a separate video talking about all of us that are like, uh, you may find them in radars. And in petroglyph, they there's like a specific name for them.

So I'm going to make like a separate video for that his celebration. Day is November first, however, in some places they have different days that they choose to celebrate him. I don't know why? Okay, and you may compare papa Lea with saint Pierre, uh, You know of in catholic, so they say like saint, Pierre, he has the key of heaven and hell and papa LEGTA has the keys of Guinness. So they have like the same kind of role that they play.

So they compare him with saint Pierre. Okay. And papa LEGTA is also known as a children lover. Okay, so he loves children. Okay, it is very rare for papa LEGTA to possess someone. During a ceremony when this happened, um, that person may take on the appearance of an old man and being supported by crutches.

And however, You may papa lab may be very valid towards that person may fall to the ground and have like a kind of seizure, some or something like that, or that person just stopped moving that doesn't mean, he's dead or something he's, just, you know, the papa leg by just too strong for that person. Okay, baba is also known as a great weaker. So you need to be careful when dealing with baba lake back because you never know, okay.

And after he finishes, um doing what you asked him to do opening the gate. For you to contact the law, you need to thank him so that he may close that gate afterwards, because if he doesn't, you might get in trouble because you never know what spirit, you know, may come from that, um, spiritual world to haunt you or having like bad intentions towards you. Okay. So please be careful. Okay.

And I have like a prayer for papa LEGTA to here. It may be like, uh, slightly different from, um prayers that other people may use in some places. But overall this is like what is it? Okay, basically.

This is what is it. And thank you guys, you submitted this for and feel free to comment down below any things that you want to tell me about the videos, if you have like any information that you may think that I left out of any things that you want to know more feel free to comment it down below and engage with me and engage with each other. Okay, we are here to talk. Okay and don't, forget to subscribe to my channel. I have more videos coming up for you guys. And yeah, like the video subscribe to my. Channel and share the video foreign.

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