Pro D2 Guides - Lower Kurast Running

Yeah, everybody I'm going to give a brief explanation on a lower cursor on how it works. What you want to do what you're kind of looking for everything like that. So this is my hell sorceress, which is my Holy Grail, sorceress, I, start an act for this is how you're going to run this, because this is going to be your most speed. The first thing you want to do is you won't find a good lower curse, rape map. So what constitutes a good map? Well, you have these areas right here.

These exact things right here. One. Two you either have one or two of them, they have a little fire pit right in the middle of them, and they're going to have two chests in here. And one chest in here, these are super chests. They are special chests.

And when you go and open these on players, eight is you're going to get a lot more items or just whatever it is. So you want to run on player, seven or eight. Players three is also decent, but player seven or eight is going to be your most optimal because you're looking for BER wounds and things. That will morph up to BER rooms. So these have like 65,000 set drops in them.

And by that, I mean, like it's, a set number of drops, oops I was a have a map run. So I'm going to come in here, I'm going to pop this chest. Nothing there come over here. Pop that you can get good things like flawless, diamonds and blast flawless. And lots of charms will also be in these pop this.

You will want a lot of keys for this. And as you can see, I got no rooms, that's, fine, and I'll come back here and go back to. Act 4 and there's, you know, once again, I have a lot of keys, actually, I only have low quantities. Now, I guess I need to go refill on keys, but that's what you want to be doing right? You want to be going in and just doing that as often as you can essentially to find as many chests in as fast as possible time, right?

So I have the six chests and I want them close to the Waypoint as well and kind of close to each other because I'm going to be running through them like this. So this is a full speed run. Right here, you always want kind of check because a lot of times the gear will go off and then I just gotta get to act for, so I can come back in I don't have to run through x3 again, I can continue through with little curse runs Sears. Pop in these chests, looking for different high rims like I said, if you want charms as well, you can look for charms there, your magic find completely relevant during this has nothing to do with magic find all of this is going to be dependent on the player number. And so.

It's all about speed. So this sorceress, right here is 200 faster. Castrate. She has 200 faster, castrate and that's going to help me out a lot, and you'll see you'll, you'll start getting a lot of rain. So even if you're not looking for begun pole, rune I'm, rune, String, I mean, countess runs can be good, but Pole mist MAL vex goal. Low I know, I said, those out of order sir and burr is the highest ring that can drop from here.

So if you're looking for a Arun, you have better luck, looking elsewhere. But. Here, or you can just farm tubers off of this right and then make it into a jaw, you don't need to save and make new games change. No, you have to you have to make a new game I'm doing a quick little save quit. Every time I go back for like I said, so I don't have to run through at all the back three because act 3 takes a little to run through. So that is, uh, that is a quick little video on it. I know, it doesn't have to be anything too long.

But a lot of people ask me, hey, Mr. lamb, where's, the best. Place that I can find my begun or there's, an AM rune or where's. The best place I can find all this because I want to run tower. But tower only drops up to what low room I think and that's. If you get her special Ike, not even her special drop, but just a normal drop.

So this is the best place to farm those low rooms. This is where I'm looking for infinity for this character. So I can move forward other than that, though, very simple, right, it's, not too difficult.

You just can be doing runs for few hours. Like this, yeah, it can be a little boring and stuff. But when you get those runes, it is beautiful. So that is all for the lower cursed runs, hopefully this will help a lot. You guys out because I know, a lot of people have asked me about it before so hope this helps thanks eyes.