Date and time functions, first a date function date, empty balances surprising this function. We can store the system date into the SAS very raised in this function. We can store the system date into the SAS variable system day. It means here, this one 25 number 19, in some case it is required by using time function. We can store the system time into the SAS available system.

That means 9:05 p.m. means a 2105 and the date time wise in this function, we can store the system date M into the SAS waiver. This. Combination date and time, 25 number 2019, nine hours 5:00 p.m. A means 21 hours file.

Next one important function, int, Ricotta, wise in this function. We can calculate the difference between two date values, time, values and date/time values. We can calculate the difference here between that to date values, I am Alice and date/time values.

So difference is equals to int C again, within that course, you can specify the interval from date to date. This is this one - Lizbeth so interval. It could be a day a. Month or year here, the strength data, today's date.

Okay, in this variable I want to store the system date. It is able I've understood the system date. We can execute this I'm using the function. Datum differences, we're showing this today's date is this one? The two one eight CERN H means machine level, language, I want to convert this machine level language in the user, readable language. So I can use format.

This is the today's date. 25 November 2008. Okay. Next temp to here time is equals to time time time.8, ok, in this step I want to store the system time you see this man, 21 hours 8 minutes and 7 seconds hours minutes seconds like this. You can store the system temp in the sass available in disaster because to the system next blue, DT, okay, in this variable I want to store the date time. Some using this function date em, empty parentheses I want to convert machine language to user interval language.

Time is informant. They touch xx dot very well. Indeed, see here trying date 25 number 2019, : under time. 21. Hours 9 minutes, 0 seconds date turned combination like this. You can store you can store the system date in a SAS variable. You can store the time system time in a SAS variable.

Furthermore, you can store the system date act in a SAS bit. There are eight days this and EMP note that in the danger. So these are the variables employed in name. Hal date, platinum five us all how to read the data already we discussed in the in formats and formats, plus the data EMP in file path that is in the D Drive name. EMP dot, TXT. And this is common first office is equals to two to read the data from second observation to lost of direction next input and pleuritic name hired threatened just like this see the problem here, and I did it will show all in null values. Because here we have an alphanumeric data, it's a numeric variable.

But here we have an alphanumeric data, mixing of numbers characters so directly to under possible to read an alphanumeric daytime, a numeric variable. So here we need to use in format, firstly, in. Format or I date, which in format date, nine dots, format, hydrate date, nine dot Lucas here. We can wait and see the data type of higher date here. Right-Click on the data set we call-ups so hydrate is a number numeric variable.

So I can use this film for analysis. Okay. Now, I have to calculate the difference between two date values.

Okay, for these M, plus I, want to calculate them experience how to calculate today's date - this one so that we can get an experience case here. A data employ one employ today's. Date is equals to date function. Okay him. Now, if you create a variable like this today's day, and here we can store the system date. Okay.

Now, I have created this new variable today's date. Now I want to calculate an experience. So how do you do like this? This one - this one today State - I did so you can use this function here. Int is seeking difference is equal to int. Second interval means we can calculate the difference in their days or months or years.

So from date to date. So it will do like this. This one - this one? Okay, here Foster days difference, int sinking here day is the keyword higher date, today's date. So it will calculate the difference in the days because interval is day this one - this one okay observer here. So this implies called as exactly this many days of experience, eight thousand seven eight. And this implies John.

He has this minute 9050, nine days. You can convert largely in two months also by that T, you can recognize by 365 years in you can calculate offense in the months. Look is here a month difference means suppose 29 is completed. If you doesn't show like one month when 30 days completed successfully, then only it can show one suppose 58 days. It shows one-month means completed month solid tool shop. So this implies card has this many months of experience, and you can calculate the difference in the BS also same thing only successfully completed years so far, it is the 360 days only it shows zero here. It supposes it is 585.

It shows only one year we successfully. Complete it is so this guy has successfully completed 23 years. Maybe after that, some days also some months also, maybe. And this employer also has completed successfully 24 years days months years like this, you can calculate the difference between through date values, the to date values. Okay, suppose this like company was closed on February, 1st 2017, because of some fouls' company was closed on this date. Now you have to calculate the difference from hire date to this date. Only not the system rate.

Because companies close down this state. Okay, if it is possible look is here in SAS. If you want to take the date time or date, M values, you have to follow this one. This is the standard date value.

It should take the date within the single quotes followed by the keyword and B. Suppose, this is the date. So take the date within the single code, followed by the keyword D supposed time, how US minutes seconds so take within the single course, followed by the keyword P T for time. Next date time. So take within. The single course, dead time combination, dead, colon time, followed by the keyword DT date.

Then you should follow these standards now city's criminal. Now here close the date. So when the compare is closed this one, so it's in the single course, take this one for every keyword D here, format, first date, nine this one - this one Rosie dates - hi Rita said, employee named hydrate and doubly closeted.

So this one - this'n this many days of difference a month, yes,

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