UFC Doo Ho Choi Vs Buakaw Banchamek | A Fighter Who's Not Weak In Power Or Technology.

Next a match up for the UFC lightweight division title right here. He is the number one, lightweight, contender, making his way to the octagon and looking to lead as the new undisputed UFC lightweight champion of the world. He has bid his time waiting for this title. Shot he's got the winning streak.

He has the quality of opposition now, he's fighting the number one guy in the world. He believes he's the best now his opportunity to prove it just a few minutes away all right here. Furthermore, he is the reigning. Defending undisputed UFC lightweight champion of the world. Of course, the target is on his back all eyes are on this man tonight as he tries to make good on yet. Another title defense.

He has owned this division for some time. The question is as the challenges get stiffer. Can he remain the hunted several championship fights to his credit, a lot of 25-minute wars as he gets older, the challenges get stiffer we'll, see how he handles this one tonight?

And now our tale of the tape for this lightweight. Fight three years apart, and they both possess a similar height and reach now for the introductions here's, Bruce buffer, ladies and gentlemen. This is the main event of the evening. And when the action begins a referee in charge, eve loving now.

This is the moment UFC fans around the world have been waiting for the undisputed USC lightweight, championship of the world, fighting out of the blue corner. This man is a kick boxer making his professional debut here tonight. He stands five feet. Nineties, just. Tall, weighing in at 155 pounds, fighting out of Bangkok, Thailand presenting the challenger, the warrior. And now introducing the champion fighting out of the red corner.

This man is a mixed martial artist, holy professional record of 14 wins, four losses. He stands five feet. Ten inches hall, weighing in at 145 pounds, fighting out of Susan South Korea, ladies and gentlemen, presenting the rain USC lightweight, champion of the world.

Ready? All right? So here we go with the start of this fight, I'm anxious. Man, What a matchup it is, and it's going to be interesting, and it's going to it's going to be difficult to find out how this plays out right, striker versus well-rounded fighter, who's going to be the one that's gonna control where this fight takes place. Nice punch by shore. Well, perhaps a sign of things to come as he lands.

A kick there, nice, kick landed by this gentleman. He continues to mix it up going to the head mixing in somebody shots that need that he hurt him. Oh. And now the undertook DC, he's got the. Hook, he's got the far side post if you're the opponent you have got to get out of here, pretty good job. Staying patient as he lands. The Counter Strike there strong work by choir.

You have to check these low leg kicks big, punch dance over the top how's. He going to follow him these guys throwing early, oh tags him with the straight pleasant job there by the Korean Super Bowl. He loaded up there on that high kick he's, giving him so many things right. Now, oh right hand is true.

They're just missing on the. Uppercut there, oh, go get him. Look is there again, look at how he turns his hip into that leg, kick just missed with the left there. Oh, oh he lands. The superman punch how about it? Oh, pleasant counter. Jab there, wow, oh, massive head, kick.

There we'll, see if he can finish and there comes the separation now pleasant head, kick nice. I mean, this is his game here control your opponent's posture, land. Those pleasant elbows around this guard slips the punch nicely.

There stuff's, the takedown, no problem, and they. Separate big, kick lands, all right, he'll engage in a single collar tie. Oh, well, any time you are in a ground fighting situation with this fighter, you're, potentially playing with fire.

Well, there are a few things more fun to watch in mixed martial arts than these type of transitions and scrambles on the ground. High level grappling can really be entertaining. Oh, he tagged him with the jab on the counter mixes it up nicely in terms of staying heavy and also staying active starting to do some really. Significant damage to the body here. Another strike lands there, pleasant, kick. These guys are going at it.

Oh, huge. Superman punch stuffs that take down attempt without issue, 10 seconds. Now in round, one pleasant punch there by the Korean, Super Bowl round, all right. So there's the end of the round. He stayed committed to doing damage upstairs and landed a seminal blow in that round.

It was accumulation of those strikes. He kept hitting him over and over to the head. Eventually, he found the one that really did. Damage his opponent relax, get that heart rate down right now. Don't worry about it second round underway. Yes.

They heard him in the last round, same exact. Oh, huge right. Hand. He's in trouble. He's hurt man. The shot is flocked there by the Korean, Super Bowl. Well, he's looking for that left hand just out of range, though with it, oh superman punch is true.

Beautiful leg, kick throw all right. He engages in a single column, let's, see what he can do nice punch. Oh, good head movement. There pleasant slip, oh stuffs.

The. Takedown without issue, oh caller tie all right. So a pleasant job there defensively to raise the guard and prevent any damage. Those hands never leave where they're supposed to be. And if you do that most times, you will block the shot that's incoming just unable to quite find that range. Oh, blocks the shot.

All right. He closes the distance gets the single collar tie. Oh, he lands. Another strike to the whoa, what a fantastic strike to throw at the exact right moment? He deserves this movement. Go finish his.

Fight there's, no tail on that leg. Here, oh, straight, right. Good. Stick sliver, kick. If you take those kicks it's, going to shut your body off.

Wow, oh slips to avoid the right. Well, that left hand has been there at times, not on that attempt. Man. He is so sound. Defensively, nice job to raise the game he's trying to control posture here now, trying to hip escape he's, just trying to move out of this position off the bottom.

Well, you got to be working off of your back he's, certainly doing. So here pleasant punch. Wow. These are some excellent ground and pound strikes here, DC, there's, an efficiency with which he operates in these situations.

He knows exactly when to throw exactly with the hole, and it's, allowing him to really control the grappling aspect of the fight there's, a song there, right nowhere to hold him, absolutely so a much different approach for him here in this second round, he was a little tentative in round, one a little of a feeling out process. Now he has clearly found his rhythm found the. Range we'll see if he can continue with more activity here in round two, and he connects there with a punch. So pretty good striking display by a muscle. He throws everything so straight and so accurate. Well, you got to think he's happy with this performance here. Tonight, essentially just the way he drew it up it's been a striking thing it's like a fairy tale, he's doing everything.

He wanted to do, and his opponent isn't doing much to try and deter him and really mess with the gameplay great posture. Control by his opponent, oh and just like that, the fight is over. He got him ready to perform.

Yeah, that was just a gorgeous shot to end the fight right? There, I'm, not even sure the opponent really saw it coming so back to the drawing board for him, but for the winner. This is certainly exactly what he was looking for here. Tonight all right let's, get you some replays?

Now certainly a lot for our replay guys to work within the truck. This was a clinic tonight in terms of mixed martial arts. Acumen in. Every realm of the game, a full-on display of all of his.